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Summer Teen Leadership Camp Journal


The Summer Teen Leadership program is a result of several agencies with the collective purpose of developing a leadership camp for young people identified as future movers and shakers in our community! The Summer Teen Leadership Camp consists of three main parts: • Part 1 is an Orientation which brings parents, participants and camp facilitators together for the first time. • Part 2 are the in-town weekly sessions (three days per week; three hours per day. • Part 3 is the retreat to Camp Colley on the last weekend of the program.

Four key chapters of the UPI Life Skills Solutions Curriculum formed the foundational introduction for the Summer Teen Leadership Camp. The chapters are: First You Are Born Participants learned about the wonders of birth and infancy. Nourishment, nurturing and other basic necessities of caring and raising toddlers, adolescent development as well as interesting facts pertinent to themselves. Family Ties Participants learned about the significant bond that we have as human beings to our families and the network of interdependency that creates the healthy support for each of us. The chapter addresses the various types of families i.e.; Single Parent Families, Step Families, Cohabitation Families, Joint/Shared-Custody Families and the numerous challenges that result when divorce breaks families up. High School & Beyond Participants learned about… [Read More]

During the Summer Teen Leadership Camp young leaders was exposed to the Peer Solutions G2BG “Five (5) things that anyone can do to help change the world” and the coalition concept of “Stand & Serve” which works to prevent child abuse, sexual, relationship, family, gang, gun and school violence, suicide, depression, oppression, substance abuse, eating disorders, poor body image, poor school performance, homelessness and more, before they begin. THE GUTS TO BE GOOD- G2BG is also about working together to cultivate good to end bad.