UPI’s Vetted Partnerships Strengthen Our Commitment To Serving Arizona And Beyond .

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Our verified Partners represent their commitment to UPI Education by displaying our badge on their sites and communications.

UPI has formed 16 uniquely Verifiable Partnerships under the UPI umbrella. We offer a range of 15 different Educational programs and/or products to serve your needs. Let us know which interest you most:

  1. Life Skills Solutions(TM) Training
  2. Summer Leadership Camp
  3. Elite Summer Leadership Camp
  4. Seminars for parents, teachers, and school superintendents/board members
  5. Community Relations, Law & Order Div.
  6. Computer Skills Summer Camp
  7. Personal Development Motivational Speakers
  8. W. Clement Stone Workshops
  9. Corporate Leadership Training
  10. Films, Videos, Documentaries
  11. Guest Teachers
  12. Professional Women’s Development
  13. Entrepreneurial Social Media Business Development
  14. Organizational Management and Strategic Planning
  15. STEAM Training Seminars/Camps

Black Poet Ventures

Black Poet Ventures, co-founded by artistic director Billy ‘Issim’ Ramsey, recipient of the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Living the Dream Award, is a multimedia…

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EvolYOUtions™ 💗 ‘Businesses with Heart’ is a collaborative agency of professional women who are vanguards and innovative disruptors. On the forefront of change, our team…

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Hanlea Education Services

Hanlea Education Services is operated by educators for educators. HES is currently serving schools & guest teachers in the Phoenix and surrounding areas. It…

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Hollis Collaborative

The Hollis Collaborative is a management consultancy founded by Robin Hollis on the principle that the continuum of collaboration and communication can change lives. Focusing on…

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Hustle PHX

Hustle PHX is an organization that supports entrepreneurs that live in urban/ inner-city areas of Phoenix, AZ. We are ensuring that  entrepreneurs in the…

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KomputerED Tools, LLC

Some people are natural math & science problem solvers. They instinctively know how to approach and solve problems. Most of us are not like…

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LearningTree Productions

Spencer Howard‘s company, LearningTree Productions, develops theatre programs for teens and uses theatre to train peer educators and community advocates. As Community Organizer in a five…

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Life Velocity Academy

Life Velocity Academy is a Human Relations, education, innovation and technology social-enterprise. Our mission is to increase self-awareness, mutual responsibility, and global concern within…

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Peer Solutions

Peer Solutions is an Arizona-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded in 1996 to foster healthy communities while working to prevent the underlying causes of harm,…

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Savvy Pen Consultants

Blending Arts, Education & Community Overview Since 2009 under the guidance of Dr. Tamika Sanders, Savvy Pen has been working with youth and community…

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Thompson-Hill Associates

Thompson-Hill Associates was founded in 1986, for the purpose of assisting individuals with the tools necessary, to start their own business. I served as…

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Tomorrow’s Leaders

Tomorrow’s Leaders education and enrichment consulting solutions was founded by the Executive Director Terry Arnel Clark Jr. Tomorrow’s Leaders education and enrichment consulting solutions help…

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Your Path Your Destiny*

Ghazi Hamza Muhammad is a professional Life Coach and Motivational Speaker. He is the founder and CEO of Your Path Your Destiny a team…

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