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Tomorrow’s Leaders education and enrichment consulting solutions was founded by the Executive Director Terry Arnel Clark Jr.

Tomorrows Leaders education and enrichment consulting solutions help schools, school districts, and youth/community organizations to promote student success, improve programs and processes, and optimize financial resources. Tomorrows Leaders education and enrichment solutions are supported by 15 years of management consulting experience and significant K-12 educational domain expertise.

Whats your goal?

Improving test scores. Ending school bullying. Increasing graduation rates. Preparing students/youth for college and career. Promoting students/youth success.

The premise of this program is to support education and community organizations to help developed and/or revitalize academic, social and outreach programs for youth and students. This program will establish an ethical and pragmatic standard in programming that with enhance staff abilities to work effectively with youth and changing the hearts and minds of youth, by helping them determine the kind of people they choose to become. These ideas are typically based on the attitudes, behaviors and competence they will be exposed to while in the training program.

Adolescents with disabilities, specifically those with emotional disorders, are over-represented in the juvenile justice system. It is estimated that between 30 to 50 percent of incarcerated youth have disabilities (Casey & Keilitz, 1990; Murphy, 1986). Juvenile offenders are incredibly costly to our society due to both the monetary expenditures of incarceration and the associated costs with fewer employment opportunities after incarceration. Transitional programs aimed to reintegrate incarcerated adolescents back into society have lacked adequat training in employment-related skills. The purpose of this program is to adapt and develop an existing

employment-related social skills curriculum for implementation within the juvenile justice system. Through this adapted intervention, significant costs to society due to fewer employment opportunities for adolescents transitioning out of incarceration may be reduced.

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