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KomputerED Tools, LLC

KomputerED Tools, LLC

Some people are natural math & science problem solvers. They instinctively know how to approach and solve problems. Most of us are not like that. Most of us have math anxiety and very real issues solving math word problems.

KomputerED Tools, llc is an educational business, founded by Karen Crawford, that provides products whose fundamental focus is to prepare teachers to eradicate the apprehension that accompanies complex problem solving and produce confident problem solvers.

Our mission is to increase the size of the competent technical work force pool. Our business model includes workshops in which teachers are re-introduced to the problem solving process in a way that can be incorporated in daily lessons, workshops that lay the foundation of computer programming for teachers and students and workshops that teach the fundamentals of how to approach and solve problems via computer programming.

We believe that:

“Everybody in this country should learn how to program a computer…because it teaches you how to think.”

Steve Jobs

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