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Black Poet Ventures

Black Poet Ventures

Black Poet Ventures, co-founded by artistic director Billy ‘Issim’ Ramsey, recipient of the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Living the Dream Award, is a multimedia performance arts and entertainment company dedicated to promoting, supporting and enhancing the oral tradition artistry of poetry and spoken word movements of the African Diaspora.

Their vision is to become an innovative, stable and comprehensive vehicle for inspiring and developing social change and cultural enrichment within the literary art industry.

Through their works they aim to demonstrate empowerment and improvement through their core values;

  • Respect: To honor the oral tradition and champion the works of Black poets from all walks of life
  • Advocacy: To raise awareness of the field of community theatre and to acknowledge and nurture new voices
  • Integrity: To be honest and ethical in the arts world, and to express genuineness in our art
  • Solidarity: To promote a sense of purpose and belonging among artists
  • Empathy: To be sensitive to diverse voices and to promote appreciation of art and life
  • Upliftment: To elevate the arts, artists and audiences with quality educational entertainment
  • Pride: To take great pride in our purpose and believe in its worthiness

Black Poet Ventures solutions include;

  • Build business and community partnerships to further the support for and growth of poetry and spoken word movements
  • Provide quality educational and inspirational entertainment through theatrical productions that showcase poets and spoken word as well as expose poetic literary arts to various audiences
  • Establish economic avenues and growth opportunities for artists
  • Create effective marketing campaigns that honor the oral tradition and that bring poetry back to the people
  • Research the oral tradition to successfully implement workshops and document poetic legacies

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