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This is it! Sports | Reggie Eccleston Interview | Jul 05, 2012

This is it! Sports | Reggie Eccleston Interview | Jul 05, 2012

Date : Jan 01, 1970

On July 5th, 2012 Mr. Frank Crump, Founder, UPI Education hosted the Coach Carl Hargrave radio show – This Is It! Sports (Voice America).

Frank interviewed Reggie Eccleston, a graduate of the University of Connecticut, (Uconn) where Reggie was a First Team All-American in football and went on to become a New England Patriot (NFL) Receiver.

This is a very interesting, upbeat and candid interview which covers a lot of different topics; including Reggie’s story of his rise in sports, as a youth, to that of a professional athlete. He discusses the pros and cons of professional sports and as a former pro player, provides advice for young players who desire to play in the big leagues. The discussion includes talk about family and the compelling (NYT Best Seller List) book entitled NBA Blues, as written by Reggie’s cousin, Gerry Allen Lancaster — exploring the financial loss and personal difficulties that have plagued multi-million dollar athletes; and how the lack of education impacts such loss.

Reggie also tells why he views professional athletes and their respective team organizations as “role models”, who should give back to society via their time and money.

As Director, Murdoch Community Center, Southside Community Association, Flaggstaff, AZ., Reggie discusses how the Center is partnering with Northern Arizona University (NAU) and local community organizations to positively impact the Flaggstaff community (adults and youth) through education, life skills training and leadership programs/initiatives.

 Listen to the interview here

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