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This Is It! Sports | Frank Crump Interview | May 31, 2012

This Is It! Sports | Frank Crump Interview | May 31, 2012

Date : Jan 01, 1970

Coach Carl Hargrave (former college and NFL Pro Football Player / Coach) Host of the Voice America radio show – This Is It Sports – interviews Mr. Frank Crump, Founder, UPI Education. They discussed the state of education in America and abroad, President Obama and Secretary of Education Arnie Duncan’s infusion of money into the educational system; UPI Life Skills for youth; former NFL Cleveland Browns running back Jim Brown and his Amer-I-can Foundation; prominent UPI supporters such as Dr. James P. Comer, Yale University; Mr. Fred Stickney, Founder of the YMCA “Latch Key Kids” program and UPI supporter Floyd Little, of Syracuse University football fame, Heisman Trophy winner, former NFL Denver Bronco running back, and NFL Hall of Famer.

 Listen to the interview here

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