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Tiffany Litherland

Tiffany Litherland


Alight Alliance

As the Founder & Chief Vanguard of Creative Collaboration, I am passionate about assisting and benefiting women own and operated companies, female entrepreneurs, education-based businesses, and nonprofit organizations.

With 20+ years experience, I have profiled, consulted, coached and transformed over 60 businesses globally, delivering streamlined solutions, magnifying their brands and businesses. Complementing the businesses and teams I help, my ability to identify relational connections, forming solutions from the seemingly chaotic and nonrelational, is highly valued. Often the initiator for co-branded and partnered ventures between like-minded people and enterprises, I help create and develop harmonious and synchronous relationships, transforming the partnership into a unified cooperative of empowered people motivated and ready for action.

Recently, we began consolidating our knowledge of best practices and tools into course material and resources to help those overwhelmed, anxious or lacking confidence in any area of their business. With a successful track record of proven client results, our new training modules, in coordination with proper implementation, guarantees greatly improved management, elevated achievements, and increased networking reach. In the near future, this member-driven program will enable collaboration among its participants, opening the door to sustainable practices, and ease of life.

Complementing my love of children, I am the Executive Brand Director and Board of Advisors Member for UPI Education. In 2014, I implemented a purpose designed Mentorship Program aimed at educating young female students and women in branding and business development principles, complementing their current studies and knowledge while providing invaluable experience and training.


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