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Stewart Colgate

Stewart Colgate


Stewart Colgate for lack of any other definition is a TRUE Renaissance Man.  Having been raised by two Renowned Educators, A Mother who was a Professor of English in Arizona and a Father who was in Athletic Administration in Illinois, education was foremost in his upbringing.  But tradition book learning was not enough, he taught himself to Cook, to Sew, to Design and Build from the need to expand his Mind.  After College was no long a means to further his talents, Stewart went on to spend the next 35 years in the Hospitality and entertainment fields.  From designing and building Restaurants and Bars for other as well as himself, to touring with Internationally known music acts as the director of merchandising of the Bands “Swag” that he designed and produced, Stewart has never had a dull moment.  He has now settled down to a Semi-retirement in Arizona and is still searching for the next phase of his journey.  The Journey begins with his introduction to Frank Crump and UPI.

Stewart says, “I was happy just doing nothing but playing golf, teaching and working with kids on their game, when I met Frank.  He opened my eyes to the potential of the years of my talents.  I have learned and experienced so much in my life, UPI give me the unique opportunity to share the Life Skills I have learned along the way with others.  I welcome this opportunity, watch us GROW!”

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