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Stanley Tucker

Stanley Tucker

President & CEO

Meridian Management Group
Baltimore, Maryland (2010)

Mr. Stanley W. Tucker is the President and Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of Meridian Management Group, Inc., which was established in 1995. Mr. Tucker has more than 20 years of diversified business experience, blending a strong emphasis on lending, venture capital investing in order to develop socially or economically disadvantaged small businesses.
Previously, Tucker was the Executive Director of the Maryland Small Business Development Financing Authority (MSBDFA), a self-sufficient state agency that assists socially or economically disadvantaged businesses. Since 1980, MSBDFA has provided approximately $92.7 million in financing to 410 small businesses.
Before heading MSBDFA, he was Vice President of the Park Heights Development Corporation (PHDC), a community-based economic development agency located in one of Baltimore’s most distressed neighborhoods with high crime and unemployment numbers.
Additionally, Mr. Tucker was a Credit Analyst for The Equitable Trust Company of Baltimore. Mr. Tucker received his Bachelor of Science Degree from the Morgan State University and his Masters of Science Degree from the Carnegie-Mellon University.