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Sharon Simpson

Sharon Simpson



Sharon Simpson is a highly sought-after specialized trainer of voice impact performance for over 25 years in South East Asia and the United States. As Founder and CEO of Your FAB Factor she continues to build strong coaching relationships and has been highly recommended by senior airline executives in the developing world; for helping to engage their leadership skills as internationally recognized service providers.

Experiential progress catapulted Your FAB factor and Sharon’s expertise into boardrooms and classrooms, ultimately causing an Internet phenomenon.  Corporations around the world who seek her talents for training media talent, public speakers and executive teams, recognize that Simpson is a key asset at identifying and uniting multi-cultural teams that are struggling to find optimal efficient communication. She has worked with students and companies from 42 countries and has an affinity for creating cross-cultural development / equilibrium.

Sharon’s latest appointment is her position as an Academic Retention Advisor, at the Office of Multicultural Affairs, University of Idaho.

“I look forward to supporting UPI’s incredible team,” Sharon Simpson said upon her acceptance of the appointment as to the UPI Board of Directors. “As a passionate educator for over two decades, my focus has been enabling students and institutions to realize visionary results with proven curricula that spans developmental, ethnic and socio-economic challenges.”

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