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Nicky Litherland

Nicky Litherland


Professional Tour Golfer

Nicky Litherland is a Professional Tour Golfer and Intuitive Golf Instructor, and the winner of multiple awards across various sports disciplines since childhood. Nicky has competed in Australia and the United States at a Professional level on various Tours. He was the outright winner of the Gainsborough Greens Championship by a record 15 strokes and in his junior career won the Carbon Cup and also the Gary Middleton Medal. Nicky’s dedication to all that he does is unparalleled. He is Husband of wonderful wife Tiffany Litherland and proud father of three young daughters. His commitment to their futures is paramount, coupled with the love for his chosen sport’s career and those charities that he actively represents. He is motivated by his own internal desire to provide hope and inspiration to those who are less fortunate, empowering them to understand that despite adversity you can achieve your dreams.

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