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Dr. Belinda Carberry, EdD.

Dr. Belinda Carberry, EdD.

Sr. Vice President and Academic Assessment

The year 1974 is when Belinda Carberry began her 39 year journey in education. A Bachelor of Arts Degree in English from Morgan State College prepared Belinda well. The Baltimore City Public School is where she began teaching Language Arts. Teaching at Greenspring Junior High School afforded Belinda an opportunity to share her love of Journalism, reading, writing and literature with 7th and 8th graders. She began and completed her Master’s of Science Degree at Johns Hopkins University then moved to Connecticut with her husband and 18 month old son.

For the next thirty years, Belinda taught English, Drama and Journalism to students in grades 9 to 12. She researched and studied literature at Yale New Haven Teachers Institute, completed a Sixth Year degree at Southern Connecticut State University, birthed her second child, served as a principal of a high school, middle school and elementary school. Dr. Carberry served as an adjunct professor in the Southern Connecticut State University Education Department and completed her doctorate of education degree at Columbia University, Teachers College. Her dissertation focused on school reform.

Presently, Dr. Carberry is a principal on special assignment. She is the Second Vice President of the New Haven Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. Dr. Carberry is involved in two feasibility studies to start charter schools in two states and recently she has become a board member of an initiative aimed at launching a mentoring program for girls ages 10 through 17 years of age.

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