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Andre (Ansar) Bustamante

Andre (Ansar) Bustamante


R.A. Energy International Inc.
St. Petersburg, FL. (2010)

Ansar Ibn Bustamante (born John Walter Andre’ Bustamante), currently President of RA Energy International serves the community and the rest of the world as a consultant, mentor and friend. Married to wife Lori along with daughters Aushayla and Kryssanna and sons Jordan, Alex, Jack and Reggie.

Ansar is a gentleman golfer and fisherman who spends much of his time sharing with children other his own, relatives in his family and found in the places he frequents.  He graduated high school from Hawken School in Gates Mills, Ohio, Boston University in Massachusetts and the Entrepreneurial Academy of Kent State in Cleveland, Ohio.   Ansar was educated as an accountant and worked to train himself in management.  Ansar lives the African Proverb “Each one must reach one and teach one”, always finding time to share with youth and others his life experience.  He is a guest speaker at many schools and while General Manager of the Call and Post Newspapers in Cleveland, Ohio taught at the Entrepreneurial Academy at Kent State University. He also gifts forward his passion and knowledge in starting and operating businesses through his work in addition to UPI, Peace in the Hood and the African Solar Village Outreach Project both in Cleveland and the Youth Development Council in Massachusetts.  Since the late 1990s, he has worked to develop R. A. Energy International, Inc. a renewable energy design and installation company involving him in projects in many different countries around the world, however Ansar is most proud of the solar system on Martin Luther King High School in Cleveland and the permanent exhibit at the African American Museum in Cleveland.

Ansar is a humble down to earth person always reaching high and striving to be a part of the political process declaring himself to be an Independent Hispanic.  As a business owner he uses his position in the community to finance and help illuminate the cause of other community activists pursuing the goal of self determination and freedom from tyranny and oppression.

Ansar while quiet and unassuming has a warm spirit and is one of those people whose faith, compassion and character lead him to always reach out to help others and leave things better than he found them.  His favorite quotation, “That the better self shall prevail and each generation introduce its successor to a higher plane of life”.