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2016 MLK Creative Writing Contest

2016 MLK Creative Writing Contest

MLK Creative Writing Contest Sponsored by UPI Education’s verified partner, Savvy Pen.

Savvy Pen is pleased to announce: “MLK Creative Writing Contest” for students in grades 6-12 within the Greater Phoenix area. The purpose of this contest is to give teens an opportunity to creatively express relevant themes surrounding the MLK holiday that resonant deeply within them or dreams that they have for themselves or their community. Examples could be (but are not limited to) civic service, community leadership, race relations, the importance of history in education, and ethnic pride.

In light of the state of Arizona’s current fiscal challenges, Savvy Pen envisions the MLK Creative Writing Contest as another way to supplement Phoenix school districts artistic coursework. Savvy Pen works in partnership with several school districts and youth organizations, such as the Boys & Girls Club and Phonetic Spit, to provide monthly outlets for slam poetry, youth workshops, and creative expression.

Winners of the MLK Creative Writing Contest will be chosen by a select committee of noted artists, poets, and educators from the Greater Phoenix area.

Contest Rules:

  • The MLK Creative Writing Contest is open to students in grades 6-8 and 9-12.
  • Students will need to create an original essay or poem using 1000 words or less about what MLK day means to them by January 29th.
  • Four winners will be selected (2 from grades 6-8 and 2 from grades 9-12).
  • Winners will receive $100 each.
  • **All submissions must be sent to MLKContestForms@gmail.com by January 29, 2016**

Please help us in our efforts to engage a fresh spirit of pride and action among our Arizona teens. Feel free to distribute this information openly to any interested persons within your organization. Enclosed is the “MLK Creative Writing Contest” official entry form.

Any questions regarding the contest or Savvy Pen can be emailed to Info@Savvy-Pen.com.

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