Assistance all the way

Job placement assistanceUPI’s vision does not begin and end within the field of education. We reach out to community members through many platforms. We pride ourselves on our networking and relationships, which allow us to integrate our own brand of the ‘big brother/big sister’ approach to improving lives within communities. Our approach is to motivate others to acquire their own strong reasons to stay committed to the Life Skills Solutions™ process. UPI participants at every level will benefit from knowing that this is a transitional pathway, one step leads to another, and another and another.

Many of our students will learn to trust, connect, network, and believe in themselves. Those that are particularly disenfranchised will benefit from our ongoing commitment to see them through at each phase of their development en’ route to their own successes.

interview-successcareer successIt is our belief that by forming beneficial partnerships our students will have direct access to firsthand resources to enable their development and help explore new possibilities for their future.

These resourceful connections further extend our promise and commitment to see our students succeed beyond the completion of any schooling (ie. high school, college or university) fostering a sense of belonging, continued support, and a deeper level of self-respect, purpose and integrity. Our ‘U-nified’ approach will benefit them long after their education has completed and their careers commence.