Arizona Advisory Board

Dr. Tamika Sanders, PhD

Dr. Tamika Sanders is an entrepreneur who decided to become an educator to address the lack of minority faculty…

Dr. Robin Buckholtz Hollis, EdD

Dr. Hollis is a successful global learning and talent management executive and thought leader. She has extensive background and…

Dr. Camilla Westenberg, EdD

Dr. Camilla Westenberg was born in Arkansas where she received her education in the public school system. She earned…

Jerome Ralston

Jerome (Jay) Ralston is a self-directed, self-starter, motivated Entrepreneur and Business Professional, and CEO of Management Plus Inc. He…

International Advisory Board

Albert L. Wynn

Quality Mgmt Systems Specialist DoD U.S. Naval Forces

Kingdom of Bahrain (2006)

Christian Rex Smith


Christian Rex Smith originally from Sierra Leone, Africa, is a graduate of Howard University College of Pharmacy (Bsc. Pharm)….

Don Buford


Major League Baseball Urban Youth Academy
Compton, California (2007)

Eric Levy

Managing Director

Tourism Solutions International

Ernest H. White, Jr.

E. H. White Jr. practices a life of Servant Leadership, guided by compassionate objectivity. “A Life of Service, is…

John Wilson

Global Director Sourcing & Contract Manufacturing Equipment

Nike Sports Equipment Division

Lorey Hayes

Playwright / Actress

Barrett Company Theatrical Management

Mark Adams

Mark Adams is the Senior Vice President of IMG Singapore. Mark has been in leadership at IMG for over 20…

Mark Fischer

Executive VP & Managing Director

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), Asia, Zuffa LLC

Ralph Amato

CEO, Ventana Capital Partners
La Jolla, California (2009)

Tiffany Litherland


As the Founder & Chief Vanguard of Creative Collaboration, I am passionate about assisting and benefiting women own and…

Honorary Board of Advisor Members

Muhammad Abdullah, Esq.
Assistant Director of Admissions
Yale University
New Haven, Ct. (1982)

Mr. Roy Brooks, Esq.
Warren Distinguished
Professor Of Law
University of San Diego
San Diego, Ca. (2009)

Mr. William Whitesell, Ph.D
Franklin and Marshall College,
Lancaster, Pa. (1982)

Honorable Johnny Ford
Mayor (D)
City of Tuskegee
Tuskegee, Al. (1982)

Honorable William H. Gray III
Congressman (D)
2nd District, Philadelphia
Washington, DC (1982)
Honorable John Conyers
Congressman (D)
13th District, Detroit
Detroit, MI (1982)
Mr. Theodore (Ted) Lyons
Executive Assistant to the Public Printer
Government Printing Office
Washington, DC (1982)
Ms. Sharon Robinson
Howard University College of Nursing
Washington, DC (1982)

Mr. Wilfredo Seda
Pennsylvania Chapter
National Congress for Puerto Rican Rights
Reading, Pa. (1982)
Mr. Alfred Smith
Manager of Personnel
The World Bank
Washington, DC (1982)
Mr. Fred Stickney
President & CEO (Retired)
San Francisco, California (2005)

Mr. Robert “Kool” Bell
Kool & The Gang
West Orange, NJ (2013)

Former UPI Education Advisory Board Members

We honor and thank the following UPI Education Advisory Board Members who are now deceased. They each left us with a special legacy… they will forever be remembered:

Mr. David Durio, CPA
Chief Financial Officer
Internal Auditing, Asia Pacific
Singapore (2004)

Mr. Leslie N. Shaw
Vice President
Western Financial Corporation
Beverly Hills, Ca. (1982)

Mr. Charles Earley
Professional Artist
Washington, DC. (2004)

Mr. Ira Silverman
Executive Vice President
American Jewish Committee
New York, NY. (1982)

Mr. Thomas Marion Fleming
Senior Vice President, Training
UPI Education
New Haven, CT. (1982)

Mr. Richard Stanley
Singapore (2004)

Mr. Oliver LaGrone
PresidentLaGrone Art Culture Programs
LaGrone Art Culture Programs
Harrisburgh, PA (1982)

Ms. Ruth White
Executive Director
Sickle Cell Society, Inc.
Pittsburgh, Pa. (1982)

Mr. William C. Matney
Who’s Who in Black America
Beltsville, Md. (1982)

Honorable Parren J. Mitchell
Congressman (D)
7th District, Maryland
Washington, DC (1982)