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Welcome to UPI Education

Unified Progress International Education (UPI Education) has caught the attention of the public with its new philosophy and program of Life Skill Solutions™ training.

UPI Education has brought together a diverse group of professionals in order to pave the way for the copyrighted Life Skill Solutions™ training program developed by UPI Education Founder & President, Frank Crump, in collaboration with a variety of stakeholders, including content experts, teachers, school administrators, parents and street-smart writers.

Designed for all students (ages 10 – 22) especially disconnected, disadvantaged and foster youth, the Life Skill Solutions™ program establishes clear and consistent goals for learning that will prepare America’s youth to live as successful citizens; maintaining respect for others including respect for school, college,the workplace and the laws of our society.

Preparing Students

As an IRS approved 501(c)3 non-profit organization, UPI Education is uniting school administrators, youth agencies and organizations, faith-based groups, and businesses to prepare students for the rigors of life equipping the students with an understanding of the realities, obligations, and expectations of society.

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